Unraid Development Server


As the owner of a Florida-based technology and software development startup, I recently set up an Unraid Ubuntu development server for personal use. This project showcases my technical expertise and ability to implement efficient and effective solutions that can benefit my clients’ businesses.


As a software developer, I have access to multiple computers, but often find that my development environments do not match up across all of them. This limits my ability to work on specific projects, as I am forced to use whichever computer has the appropriate development environment. This results in a lack of consistency in my workflow and can lead to delays in completing projects.


Since I already have a working Unraid server, a viable solution to my problem would be to set up a virtual machine running Ubuntu and configure my development environment on it. Since I have a custom proxynet set up, I should also be able to connect to this environment using SSH. By doing this, I can ensure that my development environment is consistent across all my machines and work on my projects from any device that has SSH access. This solution will provide me with the flexibility to work on any computer I want, while ensuring that my development environment is consistent, and eliminate any delays caused by having to switch between computers.


So far I can access files.

Using VNC connected quickly, but seemed to be slow. Using SSH was much faster.

I did need to manually setup SMB but once that was setup, I could easily connect to the Ubuntu drive and access files.

Lessons learned

This was my first time setting up a VM. I’m not certain I did it the right way, but I did it. I would recommend reading or watching a video of how other people do this.


This was an interesting project for me to get into as I never setup a VM on Unraid before. This project took me about 4 hours to get it fully working. I still use wordpress for many projects and I have not tried using this dev server for any wordpress projects yet.

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