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Iglesias Tech LLC.


March 2023

Our Responsibilities

Web development

The problem

After Hurricane Ian hit in October 2022, I found myself searching the internet for as much news as I could find about what had happened. However, I grew frustrated with the experience of visiting multiple sites and being tracked while trying to stay informed. This experience highlighted the need for a more streamlined and privacy-focused approach to accessing news and information online, and inspired me to explore solutions that prioritize user experience and privacy.

The solution

  1. To address the frustration I experienced while searching for news after Hurricane Ian, I created a solution that involved using RSS feeds to retrieve news posts from different news websites in the SWFL area. By consolidating news from multiple sources onto one website, I was able to streamline the experience of staying informed while also maintaining privacy by avoiding tracking and ads from other sites. I built the website using WordPress, which allowed me to set up a simple page in about a day. This project showcases my ability to quickly develop effective and user-friendly solutions that prioritize user experience and privacy.


The project involved creating a full website with a blog landing page that displays all news posts and allows users to click into each post to view more details. The posts include images and videos, which are embedded within the post and do not show up as a featured image or video. The design is simple and streamlined, prioritizing ease of use and accessibility. The final deliverable is a fully functional website that provides a more user-friendly and privacy-focused approach to accessing news and information online.



Launch Date

October 2022

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